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Florida Alpaca Rescue Mission - FARM
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Alpacas are gentle, loving creatures, but sometimes they need a little help to live their lives as they were intended. Our Florida Alpaca Rescue Mission (FARM®) brings alpacas that have been abused, abandoned, mistreated, or whose owners simply can no longer look after them for health or financial reasons, onto our farm to live with our own herd of contented animals.
We have rescued alpacas with broken noses, damaged eyes, sores all over their backs and necks, and even with a broken hip. We are pleased to say that ALL have been restored to health and strength and are living comfortably on our farm and elsewhere where loving care is available to them.

BLACK JACK - damaged right eye and sores on his nose

RUSTY - AFTER being treated and returned to health

OPEN SORES on RUSTY'S BACK - due to abuse

RUSTY with broken nose and broken hip

Repairing a damaged leg




Florida Alpaca Rescue Mission (FARM) is a rescue and protection agency for alpacas that have been abused or are unwanted for reasons beyond the control of their present owners. When owners cannot continue to care for their alpacas, for reasons of poor health, family problems, finances, or other situations that prevent their continuing to keep and protect them, we ask them to surrender the title to the animals and allow them to be cared for on our farm along with our own herd of alpacas. We then  help them to integrate with our own 'pacas.
We receive no subsidies, grants, or other support for these services. FARM is financed and supported entirely by us, Gordon & Gillian Ratcliff, because we love these special creatures and we want to make as many as possible happy and contented, just like those we own ourselves.

We began rescuing alpacas in 2004 when we were asked to collect five alpacas from a field near Sebring, Florida, where they had been abandoned by a bankrupt circus. We did so only to discover that they had been badly abused, with sores on their bodies, facial scars, two broken noses, and one broken hip. We gradually restored them to full and complete health, ultimately finding caring homes for four of them and keeping one grand fellow, Rusty, for ourselves. Rusty will never completely get over the trauma of being beaten and abused as badly as he was, so we promised him he could live out his days peacefully and securely at Tall Pines Farm.
He did and he passed peacefully away in August 2012 aged 17.
Since then, we have taken in numerous animals at the requests of owners who were, for one reason or another, unable to continue to care for them.
A year or so ago, we were asked to accept Bob, a 6-year old male who had been savagely attacked by a pair of pit bulls who had also killed his two pasture mates. His face and throat were badly mutilated. We took him onto our farm and tended to his wounds - both physical and mental. Some weeks later, we placed him, along with two other males, on an educational farm where autistic children and adults learn to communicate by working with and caring for animals. Bob is now safely and happily installed in a new loving environment surrounded by many gentle animals of all types.
We will continue to accept unwanted alpacas until such time as we either run out of money or we run short of property in which to care for them.
Gordon & Gillian Ratcliff

If you have alpacas that need to be cared for, please contact our Mission.
All animals accepted by us will be cared for with love and close attention.

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Florida Alpaca Rescue Mission
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For more information please contact us
Phone: 352 465 3679
Email:  farmerdevere@gmail.com

Thank you

Breedmaster is the registered name of elite herdsires bred from select champion bloodlines and residing at Tall Pines Farm.
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