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Tall Pines Farm home of the famous Classic Alpacas

Gillian with some friends

toTall Pines Farm,
home of the famous
Classic Alpacas
and Breedmaster® herdsires.

We breed alpacas, we broker alpacas, we'll board your alpacas for you, and we will happily take you round the farm to meet the stars of the show!
Come and give them a hug!
         SADLY, THE TIME HAS COME.....
When old age and ill-health combine to tell us
that we must drastically reduce the herd and
sell off our beloved alpacas.
 We are in our late seventies and Gillian has crippling arthritis and gout, and I am unable to walk due to severe lymphedema, COPD, heart problems, and cancer, so we must face the inevitable.....
Like it or not, we will sell most of our herd of gorgeous females and our impressive group of Breedmaster® herdsires to loving, caring homes at rock-bottom prices.
Finding the right home is more important to us than the price we sell for.
Come and see these beautiful creatures and check their amazing bloodlines.
Prices for producing females, that may be pregnant, start at $1,500.
A special price may be negotiated for the entire herd (23 animals).
Our loss can be your gain.
How about:
Two superb gelded males (father & son) for $2,000
Two lively two-year-old boys with incredible lineages,
and award-winning fiber, for just $2,500

If you are new to alpaca farming, we also will help you design and set up your farm, as well as provide you with ongoing help and assistance as you begin your exciting new venture - all part of our service to you.
          ACCOYOS - the BEST for LESS 
If you are looking for the very best of the alpacas available in this country, but are working on a tight budget, we have good news. We have some of the finest Peruvian ACCOYO alpacas at really excellent prices. Yes, the very best-of-the-best Accoyo bloodlines are now on our farm. Solid ACCOYO genetics at super prices. Don Julio Barreda's finest Accoyo bloodlines at affordable prices! Ask to see Accoyo Jeyo and Accoyo Storm and you will marvel at their incredible beauty!
BUT, please note, whether you are looking for elite Accoyo genetics or simple pet-quality breeding alpacas, we do NOT sell poor-quality, under-nourished, alpacas that have never seen a vet or been de-wormed for the last couple of years. If you are looking for something that costs $500, or thereabouts, check out Craig's List or attend one of these desperation auctions that are advertised where poor little frightened creatures are being sold off at ridiculous prices. Ours have all been quality-bred, fully socialized (they come when you call them), and raised with love and care.
 We have the friendliest alpacas anywhere

Lovely Hayleigh with her new alpaca - Misty

We have written books that will help you -

The Real Poop and How To Protect Your Alpacas, cover the information you need to know before buying your first alpaca.

 Both books are available in low-cost unbound format and will give you the whole unvarnished truth about the alpaca business.

 Email or call and we will give you full details of these useful publications.

We invite you to call and arrange a visit to our farm.
We love to show our alpacas whether you are interested in buying, or not. 
But, please do not even think about visiting us, or purchasing any of our lovely alpacas, unless you are a true animal lover! 

Tall Pines Farm Entrance

Welcome - and thanks for visiting our website.

 As you browse these pages and get to know us better, you will quickly realize that we are  simply NUTS about animals.  We adore our lovely alpacas, and we cannot imagine being without our dogs. We have a herd of alpacas, and five dogs - four Great Pyrenees to guard the alpacas, and a house dog to guard us.

You obviously wish to know more about alpacas and whether breeding and caring for them is something that might appeal to you. Well, you've come to the right place. We'll give it to you straight - warts and all - with no sales pressure, just facts and solid information. 

Tall Pines Farm is the home of
Classic Alpacas and the famous Breedmaster® herdsires - superior quality alpacas at reasonable prices. We began eleven years ago with three pregnant females and one male, now we maintain the herd at between 30 and 40 alpacas on our farm - a level that we, as retired 'old folk' can comfortably operate.
We are located in Citrus County on The Nature Coast of north central Florida, amidst the rolling hills and tall pines that give our farm its name. Blue skies and year-round sunshine allow our herd of contented alpacas to roam and graze whenever they wish. We have a select herd of Peruvian and Bolivian huacayas with elite championship bloodlines that have been carefully bred for beauty and value, and we love every one of them.

We specialize in selling starter herds - frequently packaging as many as
nine quality animals for the price of three!

In our over-fifty-one years of marriage together, Gillian and I have owned and operated many businesses, but never before have we become enamored with the 'inventory' or 'product' as we have with these lovable, gentle creatures. Our only regret is that we didn't start this venture 15 or 20 years sooner.

We take a low-key approach to owning and breeding alpacas. We are not big on trekking around the country with a trailer full of frightened animals, attending shows and entering competitions just so that we can accumulate ribbons and awards to satisfy our egos. This is stressful for the animals, especially in the first and last trimesters of their pregnancies, and, despite the best precautions, such shows frequently spread diseases, parasites, and viruses.

Instead, we attend very few shows and prefer to spend our time with our animals in their pastures and barns; watching them, learning from them, and seeing that they are as healthy, comfortable, and contented as we can make them. In this way, we try to ensure that they grow to be healthy and fit, and we guarantee that their fiber is as fine, dense, and lustrous as almost any herd on the continent.

Our alpacas are socialized. By that we mean that they will come when called, feed from your hand, and they mix easily with the Great Pyrenees guard dogs, farm visitors, and children, and they love to be petted.  The comfort of the animals is our highest priority - we never tie them down, even when we shear them; and we clean and vacuum every pasture every day - sometimes twice a day.
                  Yes, you read it correctly, we rake and clean every pasture -
                                         at least once every day!
Cleanliness is most important. In a hot humid climate like Florida, parasites can breed and spread rapidly. Twice in the past two years we have taken part in a national program sponsored and conducted by the University of Georgia, under a federal grant, to assay and measure the presence of parasites on alpaca and llama farms. Both times we were told that the  dozens of samples taken from our farm indicated that we did not have sufficient parasites present to be measured! We are proud of that!

For their safety and comfort, all of our alpacas are acclimatized to the Florida climate. Each year we breed our females to our exquisite herdsires for exceptional crias (baby alpacas). Their quality bloodlines ensure superior genetics and our low overhead allows us to sell at very competitive prices. In addition, we can purchase animals from over 260 breeders across North America to bring new bloodlines and genetics to our herd each year. If you tell us what you are looking for, and we are unable to show you exactly what you wish to see, we will act as your broker and search the country for an exact match for you - at no service charge to you!

We also board alpacas at our farm for those who do not have the land, or the time, to look after the animals themselves, and we care for them as we do our own, at very reasonable rates. Superior personal care at low rates - what more could you want?
Alpaca fiber is the softest natural fiber, softer and finer than Merino, Angora, Mohair, or Cashmere, and yet it is extremely strong, and is in great demand by weavers and spinners alike. Also, alpaca fiber contains no lanolin. Each fiber is hollow and is hypo allergenic and 100% environmentally-friendly.
Until recently, we owned a very special animal, CATER, a rare son of Rockamundo, the alpaca that was tested to have the FINEST FIBER EVER MEASURED. Cater's offspring, both male and female, are now on our farm and available for breeding and could bring their superior genetics to your herd.

We are a complete facility and take great pride in helping new clients get established on their farms and become successful. From design, setting up, and daily operating, we help clients AT NO CHARGE. We are available to you long after closing the sale. We want you to be as successful as we have been, and to enjoy that success as much as we do.

We welcome visitors. So call us and c
ome and see what the alpaca lifestyle is all about.
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Let the Government pay for your alpaca business when you Invest in Alpacas!

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PRINCE COLE - a majestic animal






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Their fabulous histograms (measuring and grading their fiber) attest to the success of of our relaxed, animal-friendly policies. The quality of the fiber of most of our herd is tested each year and proven to be in the top one-half of one per cent of all animals in the country. In many auctions, champion alpacas selling for as much as ten times what we sell ours for do not have fiber as fine as our elite animals!

For these, and many other reasons, we can truly say that we thoroughly enjoy going to work each day.
We hope we can help you to enjoy these special creatures as we do.

We look forward to meeting you


Gordon and Gillian Ratcliff
We invite you to send us your comments, thoughts, or suggestions -
or to request further information or to arrange a farm visit.
Thank you for visiting our website.
To contact us urgently:    Our telephone number is:  352  465  3679.
and our direct email address;   farmerdevere@gmail.com

CLICK HERE For Investment information and tax advice from RICK ENGLISH, CPA.

We Support Cancer Awareness - all year round

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Classic Alpacas
Florida Alpaca Rescue Mission
are both located at
Tall Pines Farm
7279 North Caesar Pointe
Dunnellon, Florida 34433

For more information please contact us
Phone: 352 465 3679
Email:  farmerdevere@gmail.com

Thank you

Breedmaster is the registered name of elite herdsires bred from select champion bloodlines and residing at Tall Pines Farm.
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